Tools for shielding space and personal protection
After all these years Dr. Young's original formula is still the best: Supergreens from Innerlight at (also available in Europe)


Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the 5000 year old Chinese version of balancing earth energies, closely connected to Chinese Medicine as it uses the same principles. .
MicroWave News
Another source about the latest news in the field of non-ionizing radiation.


Larry King Live, Cell phone, cancer study debated


"What Impact does Geopathic Stress have on Health and Well-Being?" Ulrike Banis, MD, ND
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HARPER'S May 2010, For Whom the Cell Tolls, Nathaniel Rich
San Francisco Passes Cellphone Radiation Law, Jesse McKinley, June 15, 2010, New York Times


Erdstrahlen als Krankheitserreger
by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl
The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook
by Wilhelm Gerstung and Jens Mehlhase
Geopathic stress - and what you can do about it
by Ulrike Banis, MD
Earth Radiation
by Kathe Bachler
Discoveries of a Dowser
by Kaethe Bachler
Sleep Well, Be Healthy
John Living (with a short overview of Kaethe Bachler's book)
Geopathic stress
Jane Thurnell-Read
Der Wuenschelruten-Report (Wissenschaftlicher Untersuchungsbericht)
Prof..Dr.Koenig/ Prof..Dr. Betz
Ernst Hartmann, MD
1953 - Ulm, Germany
Krankheit als Standortproblem
Ernst Hartmann, MD
Erdstrahlen als Krankheitsursache
Andreas Kopschina
Cell Phones and The Dark Deception
by Carleigh Cooper
The Invisible Disease: The Dangers of Environmental Illnesses caused by Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Emissons
by Gunni Nordstro
WARNING: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous to Your Health
by Ellen Sugarman
Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age – Dr. George Carlo
Public Health SOS
Camilla Rees/ Magda Havas
Cell Towers
Blake Levitt
The Divining Hand
Christopher Bird
The Vivaxis Connection
Judy Jacka, ND
The Body Electric
Robert O. Becker
The BodyTalk System
John Weltheim
The Quantum Doctor
Amit Goswami, PhD.
Power vs. Force
David Hawkins, MD, PhD
The Field
Lynne McTaggart
Slim Spurling's Universe
Carl Garrison
The Holographic Universe
Michael Talbot
The Energy Grid
Bruce L. Cathie
Frequency - the Power of Personal Vibration
Penney Peirce
The Hidden Messages in Water
Masaru Emoto
The Secret Life of Water
Masaru Emoto

Scientific Studies

Die Krankmachende Wirkung geopathischer Belastungen "Erdstrahlen, Elektro-Smog, Umweltbelastungen" - Eine Studie an 8200 Patienten - Daun/Kopschina
( The sickening effect of geopathic exposure "earthrays, electro-smog, environmental exposure" - a study with 8200 patients - Daun/Kopschina)
Cellular Communication through Light
Daniel Fels